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Member Oil Change Club

Save HUNDREDS of Dollars this year!


OIL Change Club

What you get ...

1. Schedule Your Service on our website or by calling. 2. Please allow 60-90 Minutes for Service. 3. This card does NOT expire. 4. Can be used for any vehicle in your household. 5. Present Member Card at time of service. 6. A fee of $4.25 will be charged for oil disposal. 7. This offer applies to most passenger cars and light trucks. Specialty vehicles are extra cost for oil. Some vehicles are extra for special oil filter. 8. We do not accept customer supplied parts. 9. Synthetic Oil can be used for an additional charge.

Our handy Oil Change Club card that easily sits in your glove compartment so you can keep track of all your oil changes, services , and special discounts.

Oil Change Club Card

Six Oil Changes

A $29.95 value each, all six Oil Changes includes 5 quarts oil, oil filter, and lube under chassis. Oil disposal fee is $4.25 extra.

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Even the Fine Print is Pretty Good!

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